August 10, 2012

Prestige-HD by Fif7y

(4.8/5) Prestige for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a complete theme, available on both Cydia and Theme it. The Theme it version is more up-to-date, and is the version used for this review. Prestige customizes nearly every user interface element, which includes icons, widgets, loading screens, status bar icons, a music player skin, and much more. I like this, but if you want to remove a certain part of the UI changes, you have to search through all of the files until you find the file you want changed. There are also an assortment of extras, such as SBSettings themes, Color Keyboard themes, Fonts, Lockscreens (with weather info, iFile or OpenSSH is required to change your location), and a Snowcover 4 theme. Many other user-made mods are available on the official user-made mods page on the Theme it blog. Along with the theme comes two interesting widgets, Facet LS and Facet SB. The Facet lockscreen theme makes a spinning 3D cube effect, with pictures (set your own using iFile or SSH) on each side. The Facet springboard widget stays on the last row of the springboard, and rotates between the time, date, and weather. This can prove to be distracting, and may or may not affect your device's battery life. Overall, Prestige-HD is an amazing iPhone and iPod Touch theme that customizes nearly everything on your iDevice to make it stand out from the crowd. Prestige-HD is purchasable from the Theme it app, which can be installed through Theme it's cydia repository ( for $3.50. Prestige-HD is a near-perfect theme, and is worth your time and money.

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