August 9, 2012

Pastry Panic by Underground Pixel

Review Update:
(4.8/5) Pastry Panic has been greatly improved with the latest update, released this Monday. Any control issues have been fixed, and the characters are much easier to control. The in-game store has had new additions. There are now a total of 20 hats available, 4 filters (rainbow, vintage, etc.), and a third unlockable character.A new soundtrack has been added. You can change between the new and old soundtracks in the options menu. New power-up donuts have been added, the dynamite donut (destroys all bolts) and the laser donut (lasers destroy bolts, allowing you to focus on pastries). A third game mode, Jumper, has also been added to Pastry Panic's Arsenal. You must jump from conveyor belt to conveyor belt and collect the pastries and bolts before they disappear. If you pause and unpause the game, you now have 3 seconds to get ready to continue playing the game. Other than gameplay, a new loading screen has been added when you start the app, and the app's icon has changed. I can now feel comfortable reccomending Pastry Panic to anybody, young or old.

Old Review:
(4.1/5) Pastry Panic for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a retro "eat everything" game. You play as a blue dinosaur, named Dino, and you must eat pastries. The pastries give you points, and some are power-ups. As you eat pastries, metal items will move, and you must eat them before they destroy the conveyor belts you are on. The game's controls are simple. In one game mode, you must use one finger to move around and go from conveyor belt to conveyor belt, and in the other game mode you are stationary and all you have to do is tap on pastries and metal. The music needs improvement, it is just one chiptune repeated over and over again. Pastry Panic has retro 16-bit graphics, which are great. The in-game store allows you to purchase playable characters and clothing articles. The game can become very dull and boring after a while though, which ruins the game. Overall, Pastry Panic is an okay game that could use some more variety. Pastry Panic is available on the app store for $0.99.

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