August 8, 2012

Draw Breaker by Elevate Entertainment

(4.7/5) Draw Breaker for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a very colorful "breakout"-like game. You must draw lines and bounce a ball of of the lines in order to destroy square monsters. Each time you draw a line, the previous line you drew will vanish. There are power-ups that can be used that can help you in ways such as allowing your ball to bounce off of the bottom of the screen instead of taking away a life,  having multiple balls, etc. A feature that I don't find necessary is how you will lose your progress if you quit a mission before you have finished all 9 rounds. This caused me to have to re-play the first mission multiple times, which wasn't too fun. Along with that, every few seconds, a new row of monsters will come down (after a while, the new monsters will stop appearing). The added row of monsters will push other monsters down. If a monster passes a certain point, you are forced to restart the round.  The graphics are colorful and bright, and all of the characters are cartoon-ish, and are given their own unique personality.  The controls are very simple. As mentioned before, you just draw lines by sliding your finger, and the ball will bounce off of the line, hitting monsters. Monsters have different amounts of health, and some take longer to destroy than others. The music is somewhat fitting, but I'd prefer a more cheerful-sounding tune rather than a tune that sounds (to me) like it belongs in a spy game. Overall, Draw Breaker is a good game, but it has it's flaws. However, Draw Breaker is a new way of playing "breakout"-like games, and is probably the best of its kind on iOS. Draw Breaker is available on the app store for $0.99.

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