August 22, 2012

Mikey Shorts by Beavertap Games

(4.9/5) Mikey Shorts for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is an absolutely amazing and fast-paced speedrun-centric platforming game. You play as a young boy named Mikey who woke up as the only person left. Everyone else had been turned into statues by some unknown being. There are two game modes- story and challenge. Story mode, which has 24 levels, has you going through the level as fast as possible to beat your best time, while collecting coins and saving people on the way. Challenge mode, which has 48 levels and is unlocked when you get 24 stars in story mode, has you running through levels before the clock runs out. Even if you run out of time in challenge mode, you will unlock the next level (you just will have a score of 0). Both modes have different environments to dash through, like dark caves and snowy mountains. The controls are very simple, but extremely well-made. There are two buttons on the left for running, and two buttons on the right, one for sliding under walls and one for jumping over gaps and obstacles. They can be moved around in the options screen, just in case you don't like the default setup. The music is bright and cheery, and sets the game's mood (along with the bright and colorful backgrounds). The graphics are great. All of the characters are pixelated, while the backgrounds and platforms are nice and smooth. There are also over 100 disguises to wear (hats, glasses, and facial hair/decorations), which are purchasable in the in-game shop with collected coins. My one and only complaint is that the game goes by very quickly, but I'm sure that sometime in the future, Mikey Shorts will be updated with more levels. However, there is already a lot of replay value. All in all, Mikey Shorts is a great game that is definitely worth your time, and is a bang for your buck. Mikey Shorts is available on the app store for $0.99.

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