August 23, 2012

Analytiks by Stelios Petrakis

(4.9/5) Analytiks for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a beautiful Google Analytics client. On your first startup, you will be asked to log in to your Google Analytics account, and you will be able to chose whether you have a black or white iPhone (this changes the theme, you can switch between the white and black themes in the settings. The overall UI is minimalistic, which is helpful for an app like Analytiks. Near the top of the screen is the site you are currently viewing the statistics of. A bit further down you are shown how many pageviews your site has gotten today, along with what percent of your viewers were directed from Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You are also told what percent higher or lower you have gotten from yesterday. There is also a number showing how many unique visitors you have had viewing your site. Below the current day's stats are the combined stats from the whole month. This includes the total pageviews, percentages from Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the percent up from the previous month, and a number of unique visitors. Further below that, a graph is displayed showing dates (x-axis) and the number of visitors (y-axis). In the top right corner, there is a small symbol that resembles a gauge from a car.When tapped, it displays info such as viewer demographics, the browsers people are using and what percent of your viewers are using certain browsers, the percentages of desktop vs. mobile and PC vs. mac, the average amount of time spent on your site, and the percentage of new vs. returning viewers. This entire list of info can be sent via email or saved to your photos. Back on the first screen, you can access settings from the bottom right and refresh the stats on the bottom left. Everything is represented with nice, minimalistic glyphs and a beautiful font. The entire interface is gorgeous, and is a huge reason why Analytiks stands out from the crowd. One turn-off is that there are no sounds at all, which would be a nice touch. Analytiks is available on the app store for $0.99.

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