June 11, 2012

Project 83113 by NCSoft

(4.8/5) Project 83113 (Belle) is a game developed by Fabrication Games, the makers of "Niko" and published by NCSoft. In Project 83113, you play as the titular (sort of) Belle, a pink organism that must save humanity from it's machine overlords. Project 83113's graphics are similar to that of Niko. The cel-shaded 3D really stands out in the crowd of games available on the app store. Belle is controlled using gestures, such as swiping and tapping to jump and sliding your finger to dash or dive. Belle automatically shoots at enemies, so you just have to pay attention to her health, which is quick to deplete. Along with the 3 worlds of levels played as Belle, you occasionally receive the opportunity to play as her robot sidekick. He must stealthily maneuver through the machines' hideouts, trying to avoid being caught by guards. At the end of each of these "safe haven" levels, you will receive a blueprint for a new weapon that Belle can use. Each weapon is upgradable, and has unique advantages and disadvantages. The music is great, and fits extremely well with the game's premise. My only complaint is that I was able to blast through every level in about an hour. More levels should definitely be added in the future. Other than that, I can definitely recommend that you download Project 83113 for just $0.99 on the app store. http://itunes.apple.com/app/project-83113/id508679689?mt=8

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