June 21, 2012

Launch Center Pro by App Cubby

(5/5) Launch Center Pro is an updated version of the original Launch Center (review), which is now outdated and obsolete. Launch Center Pro is much better than the original Launch Center, with many of the same features, along with improvements. The user interface is completely new, with customizable icons for actions and apps. Some of the actions that you can do are things such as: Google Search, text a contact, email a contact, and calling a specific number. These actions are composed just by tapping on their icon, and the action will be done. This is extremely useful if you want to be able to quickly email your boss, text your friends, etc. Launch Center Pro also allows you to launch apps. You can make the action lead automatically to a place in the app (eg. Instagram's camera), or just open the app. This works with a multitude of apps, and you can even add custom app URLs. Launch Center Pro has a beautiful new UI, useful functionality, and is much better than the original. Launch Center Pro is available on the app store for $2.99. http://itunes.apple.com/app/launch-center-pro/id532016360?mt=8

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