June 16, 2012

Jaku by William Szilveszter

(4.7/5) Jaku for iOS 4/5 is an amazing theme. Jaku fully customizes a lot of the user interface, and over 200 third-party apps. Each app has a meticulously designed icon, with a beautiful 3D style. Along with both subtle and not-so-subtle UI customization, Jaku changes the charging sound to something resembling the sound made in Super Mario Bros. when you grab a coin. Many of the icons in Jaku have alternate versions, which are usable if you rename icons using OpenSSH or iFile. There is also an extensive user-made icon archive (http://jakurepo.com/), with new icons added frequently. Jaku is truly one of the most amazing iPhone themes to date, and is available on the Cydia store for $2.99. http://www.szilveszter.ca/jaku/

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