June 19, 2012

Accent by Maarten16 and Subywrex

(4.3/5) Accent, a theme for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is a "complete" theme. Accent fully customizes the user interface, and adds things such as loading screens, carrier logos, etc. Accent's icons have parts that stick out from the icon, as shown in the screenshot below. As for third-party icons, Accent needs a lot more. Accent does well with the full UI customization and multiple color schemes (white being my personal favorite), but has almost nothing in terms of third-party app icons. However, more icons will be added later on, as the theme was recently released. There are a few icons, with a few more being added to the theme occasionally. The ModMyi forum thread for Accent has a few icons added every day, but not nearly as much as some other themes. Hopefully Accent will be updated with more of it's unique and beautiful icons. I would recommend Accent for it's unique UI and changes to all elements of the UI, but if you like themes with quite a few third-party app icons, Accent is hard to recommend until more icons are added. Accent is available on the Cydia store for $2.99. http://modmyi.com/cydia/mobi.macciti.accent

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