May 14, 2012

The Sandbox by Bulkypix

(5/5) The Sandbox for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a game great for creating and sharing worlds and pixel art creations. The game has two modes (story and free), a level editor, and a place to download and play other players' creations. The game's pixel art graphics allow for the creation of your own pixel art. There are quite a few "elements" to use in your creations, some allowing you to make intricate circuits and the like. You can also even modify the temperature of the world, causing things like lava forming, wood burning, snow falling, etc. The game's currency, "mana", is used to purchase new elements that you have discovered in the story mode. Speaking of the different modes, story mode allows you to read some dialogue and get help with puzzles and discovering elements. Free mode is where you can really use your imagination, in order to create anything, with no restraints. Overall, The Sandbox is a great virtual sandbox game with social sharing options, awesome possibilities for creations, and good visuals. You can't beat the price of $0.00, so go and check out The Sandbox on the app store!

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