May 29, 2012

Heroes Call by Defiant Development

(4.4/5) Heroes Call for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is an action RPG. The graphics are great, and resembles those of the Diablo series of games. The game is split into over 30 levels and 40 quests. The dialogue for each character is different, which encourages playing the game multiple times as different characters. You can start with one of two free characters, a priest or a knight. Each of the characters have their own advantages and disadvantages. The music makes every adventure feel all the more epic, which is awesome. The character is controlled by swipes and taps, which is an interesting control scheme for this type of game. The game is full of monsters to brutally kill with an assortment of weapons. You can edit the character's armor, weapons, and skills in the menus or after a level-up. After completing a mission, you can either wait for the next "summon" to be made, or you can pay with in-game coins (which can either be earned or purchased via in-app-purchases). Heroes Call is a great clone of the Diablo games for iOS, and is definitely worth checking out for free.

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