May 31, 2012

Rocket Bunnies by Defiant Development

(4.7/5) Rocket Bunnies for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is an example of a rare occurrence in the app store- a completely original game. The characters, graphics, and concept and all original and unique to Rocket Bunnies. The game itself is very fun, and has a cute storyline full of- you guessed it- bunnies! You must fly through your rocket and tap on other planets to enter their orbit and feed the hungry rabbits. The game can become slightly repetitive, since the entire game is essentially the same with changes in level design. You have to pay attention to timing, because there are obstacles that get in your way such as mines, electric portals, and more. The music is comprised of catchy, fast-paced electric piano tunes, which is semi-fitting for the game. Overall, Rocket Bunnies is a great original game that is available on the app store for $0.99.

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