March 4, 2012

Kale in Dinoland by The Rotting Cartridge

(4.7/5) Kale in Dinoland for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a retro-styled platforming game. The game is started by dragging a Gameboy cartridge labeled "Kale in Dinoland" to the bottom of the screen. To go to the main menu, you just have to "eject" the cartridge by shaking your device. The game has multiple lengthy levels, and has the classic yellowish tint that most old Gameboy games have. Kale is controlled by an on-screen d-pad and two buttons, A and B. A controls jumping, and B controls throwing coconuts, stars, and other projectiles used as weapons. Jumping on enemies doesn't hurt the enemy, but it allows Kale to ride the enemy and use its powers. The chiptunes in the game are catchy, and there are different tunes for each level and menu. The game brings back a lot of nostalgia, and for $1.99, Kale in Dinoland is a must-have for any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad user.

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