March 4, 2012

Final Run by Rotor Games

(4.0/5) Final Run for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a combination of zombies, cars, and guns- all in one game. You play as a group of (2) scientists in a zombie-infested earth, in which you and your associate are some of the only people left. The controls can be changed between multiple methods, some of which use the gyro, on-screen buttons, or both. Some of the control methods can be awkward to use, but that might just be me. The unity-powered graphics look great with or without the retina display. The storyline is easy to follow along, and interesting too. The music can be muffled occasionally by the revving engine of your beat-up car, which can prove to be quite annoying. However, your cars and guns can be upgraded with tools and parts found in-game. Final Run is a great game for people who love shooting zombies and other things, along with fans of driving games. Final Run is available in the app store for $3.99.

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