July 21, 2012

Great Big War Game by Rubicon

(5/5) Great Big War Game is the successor to Rubicon's previous strategy game, Great Little War Game. In Great Big War Game (I'll call it GBWG for the rest of this review), you lead an army to war. You must defend your own base and your units while trudging on towards the enemy headquarters. The dialogue between levels is humorous, and explains most of the story. GBWG can be played in two different ways- solo campaign or multiplayer (either online or pass-and-play). Each unit has special abilities and attack ranges. The attack power, health, etc. can be upgraded using "battle points", which can be earned in-game or through in-app purchases. During one turn, your battle units can move around and attack. Some units, like the engineers and the scouts, have no weapons. They must be defended by battle units, or they will perish quickly during the enemy's turn. The engineer units have the special ability to capture buildings, oil derricks, and vehicles. Oil derricks give you coins at the beginning of every turn, which allows you to purchase units from captured barracks. GBWG has great graphics. The levels are detailed and are laid out well. The tunes in the game sound as if they were performed by a military marching band, which was most likely the composer's goal. Overall, Great Big War Game is a great strategy game that you should definitely download and play for $2.99 on the app store. http://itunes.apple.com/app/great-big-war-game/id508002149?mt=8

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