February 12, 2012

Mission Europa Collector's Edition by Banshee Soft

(3.9/5) Mission Europa Collector's Edition for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a combination of a first-person shooter and an RPG. The game is about a man and his crew going out to rescue some miners you had lost contact with. You are forced to fight for your life, and your sanity. The game has 3D graphics, and looks great on even the first generation devices. The game has online multiplayer, and a single player mode with a large amount of gameplay time. The music in the game has some great electric guitar and other instruments. All of the 5 chapters and other exclusive items are included in the collector's edition. The standard edition costs $1.99, with the chapters included as IAP. Overall, Mission Europa Collector's Edition is definitely not the best FPS or RPG out on the App Store, but for $4.99, you will get a whole lot of fun. http://itunes.apple.com/app/mission-europa-collectors/id419050879?mt=8

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