August 21, 2011

Disc Drivin' by Pixelocity Software

(5/5) Disc Drivin' for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is a turn-based racing game involving discs. You flick your disc across floating 3D racetracks, aiming to get to the finish line before your opponent. The game has multiple game modes. You can play with friends, random online, or pass-and-play. The controls are smooth, and the graphics are pleasing to the eye. You can customize your disc to make it look the way you want it, and others will be able to see your custom discs. There is a chat feature, so you can chat with the person you are racing while you wait for them to make their move. Disc Drivin' is one of the best multiplayer games on any iDevice, and you should definitely check it out. For the amount of content and replayability you receive, it is definitely worth the $1.99 it costs.

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