June 29, 2011

Radio Flare REDUX by Chillingo Ltd

(4.85/5) Radio Flare REDUX for the iPhone and iPod touch is a music-based shoot 'em up with great graphics, awesome beats, and fun levels. Monsters fly at you while you carefully maneuver between them while targeting them with missiles. The monsters emerge in sync with the beat of the music, and provides for an awesome experience. However, the screen flashes in different colors a lot, which may cause headaches or seizures from excessive playing. In the end, you will come out satisfied from the great graphics, gameplay, and modern music. The game is definitely worth the $2.99 asking price, and you can pick it up from the app store today. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/radio-flare-redux/id358940758?mt=8

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